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Gamestages are key points of progression in the Rebirth of the Night modpack, unlocked after performing certain actions. As the player triggers more and more gamestages, new mobs and mechanics will start to appear across different dimensions, most notably the Overworld.

The game is currently broken up into eight gamestages (in the following order):

1. Early-Game Armor

2. Mid-Game Armor

3. Nether I

4. Aether

5. Beneath

6. End (Rebirth of the World)

7. Nether II (Rebirth of the Nether)

8. Twilight Forest (Rebirth of the Forest)

Skipping ahead by doing any advancement events (e.g: visiting the Aether before the Nether) will automatically trigger all previous gamestages up to that point.

Early Game Armor

"You feel uneasy, even as you grow in power..."

Triggered when the player obtains a full set of Bronze, Iron, or Silver armor. Mixed sets do not count towards this requirement.

New Invasions

The skeleton horde is approaching...

The spider horde is approaching...

The zombie horde is approaching... (also occurs before any progression stages!)

All Dimensions

Zombies, skeletons and skeleton warriors now have a chance to spawn with bronze armor

Overworld and Beneath

Hungry Zombies now spawn

Sniper Skeletons now spawn

Hungry Spiders now spawn

Pale Spiders now spawn

Rocket Creepers now spawn

Overworld Only

Wind Witches now spawn

Stymphalian Birds now spawn

Pale Lurkers now spawn

Penghouls now spawn (very cold biomes)

Pteras now spawn (hot and ocean biomes)

Vespas now spawn (hot biomes)

Brain Slimes now spawn (ocean and beach biomes)