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Weapons are items used to damage entities. These items may be used by the player or other mobs. Weapons are crucial for survival as there are many hostile mobs out there to hunt you. Some weapons also help in gathering resources.

Weapon list

The following is a list of types of weapons as well as known artifacts of ancient or modern power.

Type Description Notes
Bladed Weapons The way of the blade is a balanced one, but allows for heavier or lighter strikes depending on the particular weapon. Some blades offer increased damage against unarmored foes.
Arming Sword The common arming sword (or broadsword) is easier to craft than more elaborate or intricate blades; however, it is as effective as it has always been.
Battleaxe With a design inspired by typical lumber axes, this weapon can also function as a woodcutting tool where needed. Deals less damage than swords as a result of its versatile construction.
Dagger Not made for confrontation, its light form excels in sailing through the air or striking vital points from behind.
Longsword The longsword's blade allows for a stronger swing and thus greater damage. Due to its form, both hands should be free for proper use.
Greatsword The might of the great-sword is enough to dispatch a whole crew of foes in front of you. In exchange for power, it is slow and unwieldy, and relies on both hands.
Katana A katana is a one-edged sword that, when used with ability in both hands, can cut quickly through foes, especially when their torso is unprotected. Requires both hands.
Saber A saber is a lightweight, one-edged sword made specifically to be effective at shredding flesh. A great weapon for the early game, it will reduce a quarter of the damage you take, and deals double damage to those not wearing a chestplate.
Rapier The rapier's strength lies at the tip of its blade: when the foe is unarmored, the flurry of strikes dispatch enemies with haste, dealing triple damage to unarmored targets.
Ferrought Axe The wrought axe is a durable and mysterious weapon dropped by the Ferrous Wroughtnaught, dealing hefty damage at the cost of a slow attack speed. Can be used with the wrought helm and soulforged steel armor in the late game to become a mob slaying tank. Durability loss only occurs on death. Shift right click to do a unique attack!
Blunt Weapons Blunt weapons generally deal large amounts of damage in single hits or depend on the dexterity of the user, but they always focus on inflicting damage where a blade can't cut.
Club The club is an ancient weapon with effectiveness that still carries on today. One good whack and your enemies will be inflicted with nausea. Nausea on mob causes them to be blinded and slowed.
Troll Weapons Troll weapons are the bigger brother of clubs, dealing jaw dropping damage with each strike in exchange for a sluggish attack speed. The knockback effect of the troll set is currently bugged.
Quarterstaff The quarterstaff is a weapon which, like martial arts, relies on the dexterity of the user. Its durability is notoriously low due to the cheaper construction, This weapon type, as of 3.1.0, has the single highest attack speed of any standard Spartan weapon in the pack.
Hammer When paired with the proper strength, the hammer is a powerful weapon that can obliterate foes left and right. The heavy head can knock them far away, compensating for the slow charge-up.
Warhammer The brute strength of the warhammer is able to pierce through even the toughest of armor. Requires two hands to drive the hefty end into its target. At higher armor values, this is the single best DPS weapon.
Caestus The caestus is for those who reject weapons. Pummel your foes with a barrage of strikes! Add metal to the cloth glove to make your blows even deadlier. The knockback effect of the powerful strikes set bonus is currently bugged.
Polearm Weapons The way of the polearm is the way of the smart; if your opponents can't reach you, then they cannot harm you. When in doubt, stick them with the pointy end.
Spear The spear is a prime example of what makes polearms effective, its long range can keep enemies at bay whilst keeping the user safe.
Halberd Although halberds are slow and require the usage of two hands, its heavy, distant attacks and the ability pierce through shields make it an effective weapon for those that dare stand in its way.
Pike The pike is perhaps the greatest of the polearm weapons, its length is unrivaled, thus its ability to protect is also the greatest. Requires two hands due to its incredible length.
Lance When paired with a mount, the lance can do amazing amounts of damage. A great weapon to have on the move, this weapon far outstrips any other weapon's DPS when used at full potential. Testing suggests the lance can be hard to hit foes from a mount, even with its added range. However, its incredible DPS should prove incentive enough to at least try it out.
Glaive The glaive's sweeping edge can slice through multiple foes at once rather than having to focus on just one, all the while keeping a healthy distance. To get the most out of this weapon, use two hands.
Thrown Weapons Having trouble hitting your targets with melee attacks? Thrown weapons will solve that issue for you, doing more damage than bows and other ranged options, but suffering from a much smaller range of effect. These weapons, like bows, do more damage the more they're charged.
Javelin A throwable weapon with multiple charges, the javelin is a bigger and hand propelled version of a standard combat arrow. Thrown javelins can be retrieved to recover charges. Using this as a melee weapon can also be quite effective in a pinch.
Boomerang What goes around comes around, and the boomerang is no exception. A nimble thrown weapon with a single charge, the boomerang will fly back towards you after being thrown, and either reaching its maximum range or hitting a mob/obstacle. The boomerang can get stuck on blocks- make sure you're retrieving the weapon if it gets blocked by something lest you lose it!