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"Your actions have consequences."

Rebirth of the Night's progression is divided into various stages that trigger once a condition is met. These conditions include defeating certain bosses and minibosses, mining certain ores, and visiting new dimensions. The effects of gamestages include harder mobs spawning, new ores being unlocked, and more types of quintessence being released by magicite.

Multiplayer Note

Some progression stages are global, affecting all online players, some are not. Personal growth stages (early game armor and mid-game armor) only affect the player who got the achievement. All other stages affect the entire world, meaning all online players. If you are playing on a server and not teaming up with players, it's recommended that you advise them to log off while you complete a progression stage, so that newer players do not unlock them. Obviously, this only matters if the players are far away from each other.

If a player logs on for the first time after all the stages are unlocked, they won't have any of the progression stages, meaning progression mobs won't spawn around them if other players are far away. They can still unlock all stages themselves.

Dimension Stages


Cries of the damned echo around you...

New Mobs

  • Salamanders can now spawn below y=48 in the Overworld
  • Magma Grunts can now spawn below y=40 in the Overworld and Beneath
  • Embers can now spawn below y=50 in the Overworld
  • Fire Creepers, Zombies, and Skeletons can now spawn in the Overworld
  • Strawberry Slimes can now spawn on the surface during the day

Other Effects

The following mobs can now spawn with golden armor:

  • Zombies
  • Skeletons
  • Skeleton Warriors


A cool breeze fills the air...

New Mobs

  • Kelenks can now spawn at night above y=80 in the Overworld
  • Lemon Slimes can now spawn on the surface during the day


Shadows squirm and writhe around you...

New Mobs

  • Undertakers can now spawn at night in the Ominous Woods, Wasteland, and Dead Forest biomes
  • Zotzpyres can now spawn underground below y=100
  • Death Creepers can now spawn in the Overworld
  • specialmobs:dark_creeper can now spawn in the Overworld
  • specialmobs:undead_witch can now spawn in the Overworld
  • specialmobs:blinding_silverfish can now spawn underground below y=80
  • specialmobs:poison_silverfish can now spawn underground below y=80
  • Plagued Zombies can now spawn in the Overworld
  • specialmobs:poison_skeleton can now spawn in the Overworld
  • Skeleton Knights can now spawn in the Overworld
  • specialmobs:poisonspider can now spawn in the Overworld
  • Rats can now spawn in the Overworld
  • Undead Swine can now spawn in the Overworld
  • Frigids can now spawn in frozen biomes in the Overworld
  • Overgrown can now spawn in lush biomes

Other Effects

Zombies and Goblins can now spawn holding the following:

  • Mythril Pickaxe
  • Onyx Pickaxe
  • primitive_mobs:goblin_mace


You feel empty. You hear nothing. You want to leave.

No changes are made until after the dragon is defeated

Twilight Forest

You hear a terrifying roar in the distance...

First Mythril

"The darkness erupts with distant screeches as the last magic barrier shatters..."


  • Invasions
  • All Dimensions
  • Overworld, Beneath, Nether, and End
  • Overworld, Beneath, Nether
  • Overworld and Beneath
  • Overworld
  • Aether

Boss Stages

Harvester (Rebirth of the Night)

"Deadlier mobs now roam the world at night"

New Mobs

Other Effects

"The next night will bring a bountiful harvest."

  • The next night will be a guaranteed Harvest Moon.

Quazar (Rebirth of the Galaxy)

"The ground shudders deep beneath the planet"

New Mobs


Other Effects

Wither (Rebirth of the Nether)

"Voices of lost souls scream in fury..."

New Mobs

Other Effects

  • Dormant Onyx is no longer dormant and can be mined

Ender Dragon (Rebirth of the World)

"Fragments of a lost empire echo around you..."

New Mobs

Other Effects

Ghast Queen (Rebirth of the Forest)

"Visions of mythical beings flash through your mind..."

New Mobs

Other Effects

Fonts of Magic

The death of certain powerful creatures causes certain types of quintessence to be released into the overworld. The quintessence can then be obtained by mining specific colors of magicite.

Name of Font Quintessence Type Message Magicite Color
Cyclops Strength "A font of strong magick releases from the cyclops."
Destroyer Chaos "A font of chaotic magick releases from the destroyer."
Ferrous Wroughtnaut Mind "A font of mind-touching magick releases from the wraughtnaut."
Frostmaw Energy "A font of energetic magick releases from the frostmaw."
Gorgon Transformation "A font of transformative magick releases from the gorgon."
Ithaqua Nature "A font of natural magick releases from the ithaqua."
Lord Bastion Death "A font of deathly magick releases from the bastion lord."
Myrmex Queen Order "A font of ordered magick releases from the myrmex queen."
Pied Piper Knowledge "A font of knowledgable magick releases from the pied piper."
Sea Serpent Balance "A font of balanced magick releases from the sea serpent."
Siren Illusion "A font of illusionary magick releases from the siren."
Skydrake Poison "A font of poisonous magick releases from the skydrake."
Sludge Lord Creation "A font of creative magick releases from the sludge lord."
Sun Chief Disintegration "A font of disintegrating magick releases from the sun chief."
Undertaker Soul "A font of soulful magick releases from the undertaker."


  • The status messages seen in the chat are inspired by Terraria.
  • This feature used to be on a difficulty meter.